P&C Federation 2018 Conference Workshops
Friday 2 March 2018

 Friday 2  March 2018

Workshop – 1st session 1.45pm 

Schools Plus – Project Plan, Finding Funders, Grant writiing

ACNC ( Australian Charities and Not For Profit Commission) – Maintain charity status

Hicksons Lawyers – Legal responsibilities for volunteers – Work Health and Safety and Employment

ARACY (Australian Research Alliance for Children & Youth)- Parent Engagement 

Family and Community Services (FACS) – Community Building Partnership (CBP) Program upcoming changes and what it means to P&Cs

Workshop – 2nd session 3.15pm 

NSW Volunteering – Volunteer Recruitment – ways to increase numbers.

Mandy Weidmann (Fundraiser Whisperer) – How Creative Fundraising Connects Communities

Hicksons Lawyers – Legal responsibilities for volunteers- Work Health and Safety and Employment

Commonwealth Bank Australia (CBA) – What are the options for P&C Associations – Q&A session

Family and Community Services (FACS) – Community Building Partnership (CBP) Program upcoming changes and what it means to P&Cs

Saturday 3 March 2018

Workshops – 1 session only 1.45pm 

Mandy Weidmann (Fundraiser Whisperer) – How Creative Fundraising Connects Communities

NSW Volunteering – Volunteer Recruitment – ways to increase numbers

Schools plus – Project Plan, Finding Funders, Grant writing

Hicksons Lawyers – Legal responsibilities for volunteers- Work Health and Safety and Employment 

Andrew Fuller – Unlocking Your Child’s Genius


Workshop Presenters

Hicksons Lawyers

 Warwick Ryan is a recognised specialist in employment law and workplace relations and a member of Hicksons’ workplace relations, employment and safety team.  With a Masters of Labour Law Relations and 15 years practising exclusively in this area for not-for-profits, SME’s, larger employers and employees, his advice is as  comprehensive as it is practical. His experience focuses on providing commercially beneficial advice to businesses, using his knowledge and experience in employment law to advise clients on the most effective ways to engage with workers to better serve their customers.This advice encompasses with all aspects of the employment relationship from the hiring process to terminating staff when their conduct or performance requires it. He is a passionate believer in delivering advice in a way that is clear, simple and empowers the client in making commercially good decisions that benefit customers, the staff and the business.’


Schools Plus

Beth Gibbins is the School Operations Manager at Australian Schools Plus. Beth brings over 10 years’ experience in fundraising to help schools grow their own funds using Schools Plus’ online Fundraise Yourself platform, which enables tax-deductible giving to schools.




Sherrill Nixon is the Director of Donor Relations and has a background in journalism spanning 20 years. Sherrill is the organisation’s expert grant writer, and regularly matches schools with donors to fund high-level and strategic projects.

Mandy Weidmann

Mandy Weidmann, owner and editor of the Fundraising Directory, is Australia’s ‘Fundraising Whisperer’. She has authored the Practical Fundraising Handbook for School and Club Volunteers and is invited to speak annually at state and national parent association conferences. She is the resident Fundraising Expert for several print and online publications and writes regular fundraising tips for an audience of 23,000 subscribers and over 20,000 Facebook fans.

Andrew Fuller

Andrew Fuller author of “Unlocking Your Childs Genius”. Young people are more intelligent, informed and aware than any previous generation. To capitalise on this, we can help them to develop the skills necessary to build and express their genius.  These skills include concentration, planning, decision making and motivation.


Australian Research Alliance for Children & Youth

 Barbara Barker is a Research Manager with ARACY. Since joining the organisation in 2014, her work has largely focused on determining the evidence to facilitate a shared understanding of what parent engagement in learning is, and why it matters. Barbara currently manages the Parent Engagement Project, a comprehensive four-year program of research commissioned by the Australian Government. Following a successful Parent Engagement Conference in June 2017, Barbara and her team are focused on activities to assist schools to embed and sustain a strong parent engagement culture and practice, with the aim of improving outcomes for all Australian students.

Barbara has consulted extensively across Canberra’s school communities for the Progressing Parental Engagement in the ACT project, on behalf of the ACT Directorate of Education. Through this research ARACY developed a compressive body of resources and research materials for parents and schools. Barbara is a social research specialist with almost 20 years’ experience in both private and government sectors. Prior to joining ARACY, Barbara was a research consultant to federal and state government clients, making significant contributions to program evaluation, social marketing and service delivery development across a diverse range of social policy areas such as education, health and employment. She started her career as a graduate at the Australian Bureau of Statistics in Canberra.

Outside of work she can be found playing – in her garden or on her cello – two of her favourite activities.

NSW Volunteering  

Kellie May has over 20 years experience in the development and delivery of programs and projects and has worked with a vast number of volunteer involving organisations. As Manager, NSW Volunteering she has been responsible for the delivery of the NSW Volunteering Strategy and initiatives within it.With a focus on improving volunteer sector capacity and volunteer recruitment, Kellie lead the development and rollout of the new NSW Volunteering Website and Volunteer Recruitment Portal working in partnership with SEEK Volunteer. With her team she successfully implemented 4 volunteer recruitment expos over a 2 week period where there were 136 stallholders; and she has been implementing a marketing campaign across the State where she and her team have been communicating with volunteer involving organisations and members of the public with the objective of promoting and growing volunteering. Having worked both in government and the private sector, Kellie has successfully worked with many volunteer involving organisations to develop and deliver initiatives that have made a difference in the lives of community members. As a Program Manager, she has developed and managed a range of grant programs, large and small, working with thousands of community based organisations that rely on volunteers, ranging from large state-wide community based organisations to small local organisations. Kellie understands from a wide range of perspectives the issues community organisations face when trying to recruit and manage volunteers or deliver projects that rely on the efforts of volunteers.She has also developed and implemented projects in a variety of cultural and political settings in Australia and overseas. As a Community Development and Participation Specialist, Kellie successfully delivered aid projects in the South Pacific and South East Asia for both AusAID and the Asian Development Bank, and was recognised for best practice project design and delivery. Kellie actively works with Program Managers, helping to improve program and project design and delivery. An advocate for the use of online systems, improved program design and delivery, Kellie champions change for good.

 Commonwealth Bank Australia 

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