Another Punch to the Gut for Government Schools

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Another Punch to the Gut for Government Schools

P&C Federation is dismayed that Prime Minister Scott Morrison has granted an extra $4.5 billion for non-government schools over ten years, while government schools will remain ignored.

The Prime Minister announced the Federal Government will spend $3.2 billion over ten years from 2020 to fund changes to the funding model for non-government schools. Under the changes, Federal funding for non-government schools will be determined by the income tax paid by parents at that school. Additionally, a $1.2 billion ‘Choice and Affordability Fund’ will provide further support for non-government schools.

This announcement is in response to pressure from primarily Catholic schools, which feared having to raise fees under the Gonski 2.0 funding model. Meanwhile, there will be no changes to funding for government schools.

P&C Federation President Susie Boyd commented “It is reprehensible that the Federal Government frets over non-government schools losing money under Gonski 2.0, while having no interest in the far more underfunded government schools.”

“Over 65% of students attend government schools, and it is government schools that will absorb most of the enrolment increases in the next ten years. By any measure, it is government schools that need the most support, yet the Federal Government prioritises a more privileged minority of schools.”

The generous funding for Catholic schools is despite Catholic school funding being notoriously murky, with Federal funding being given to each Diocese, which then distributes the funds to schools according to its own funding model. This raises questions about how the Federal Government can account for where its money goes.

Ms Boyd stated “The era of contemptible special deals for non-government schools needs to end immediately. The time is long past for the Federal Government to implement a funding model for education that benefits the students who need it most.”

Sydney, NSW, 20 September 2018


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Susie Boyd
President, P&C Federation


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