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Please note that it may take up to 2-3 business days to set up access for affiliate emails and the P&C Member’s Portal.

P&C Affiliate Email

P&C Associations may choose to use an affiliate email. The email is accessed via Office 365 and provides your P&C access to Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint, Microsft Office (online version only) as well as other apps. Having an affiliate email also provides:

  • Consistency: The email remains with the P&C Association and all information within it is not lost
  • Security: If the password is lost, forgotten or not passed on, an Office Bearer can request a password reset
  • File Management: Use of OneDrive for file storage (1TB of data per account)
  • Be organised: Use the Outlook calendar to stay on top of important events, such as, meetings, AGM, membership and insurance renewals etc.
  • Communication and collaboration: The option of using SharePoint in order to share, communicate and collaborate among Office Bearers
  • P&C Associations may have up to 5 affiliate email accounts

P&C Member's Portal

The P&C Member’s Portal is another optional tool for P&C Associations. The portal gives Office Bearers easier access to the following:

  • Keep your Office Bearer details up to date
  • Download your P&C Association’s certificate of incorporation (if your P&C is incorporated)
  • Easily upload your Audit report after your AGM
  • Download your certificate of currency
  • Access to guidebooks on Employment, Running a Canteen and Financial Management & Control – including templates and samples you can use

P&C Member’s Portal

The P&C Affiliate Email and the Member’s Portal is only accessible to current Office Bearers. Please ensure your details with us are up to date by completing the Member Register Update.

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