Member Guide and Sample Documents

The following are sample documents only that P&C Associations may download and amend to meet their needs. The P&C Association will be required to submit any of these to a correctly constituted P&C Association Meeting of members for adoption by resolution of the membership of the P&C Association.

Sub-Committee Rules are now in the P&C Member Portal.

The following are some tips and samples of things that P&C Associations may find a use for.

In 2019, the Department of Education introduced new procedures for Special Religious Education, abbreviated to SRE and Special Education in Ethics, abbreviated to SEE.  SRE has traditionally been referred to as scripture. SRE and SEE is delivered by approved providers.  SEE is currently only available in some primary schools.
The department also introduced a more streamlined process for the enrolment of students in SRE and SEE classes.  A SRE and SEE participation letter to be signed by parents/carers at enrolment has been introduced, providing local information about the available choices.
A parent/carer may at any time notify the school in writing that they wish to change their decision. Students will continue in the same arrangement as the previous year, unless a parent/carer has requested a change in writing.
If your preferred SRE or SEE option is not available at your child’s school, you should contact the approved provider. Students not attending SRE or SEE are given supervised alternative meaningful activities.
For more information, contact your school or visit