NAPLAN Online Shown to be a Waste of Resources

NAPLAN Online Shown to be a Waste of Resources

P&C Federation is unsurprised that the 2018 NAPLAN results have been compromised by differences between the online version and paper version. Due to doubts over whether the two sets of results can even be compared, the publication of 2018 NAPLAN results have been delayed as the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) struggles to decide how the results can even be reported.

This year over 500 schools in New South Wales adopted NAPLAN Online.  We were assured that the online and paper results would be comparable. With that no longer the case, ACARA is reportedly considering three options: report the online and paper results as one combined set, publish two separate reports, or publish no reports at all.

P&C Federation President Susie Boyd commented “We constantly questioned how the online and paper tests results could be fairly compared, when the testing is so vastly different.”

Other concerning factors included the lack of adequate IT infrastructure & reliable Internet coverage to many of our school and the lack of familiarity in using the devices that they are tested on.

“Considering a rationale for online NAPLAN tests was that they would deliver faster results, this is nothing short of a debacle, throwing a spanner in the works for all NAPLAN in 2018.”

Ms Boyd added “The main defence of NAPLAN is that it reflects progress across students and schools in literacy and numeracy against nationally consistent standards. That’s now out the window. The delay in publishing results means they’re no longer a current snapshot of a student’s progress and the numbers may not actually be valid anyway.”

“What is clear is that the wasted time and resources consumed has done very little to help student learning. We call on the Federal Government to fully review NAPLAN, not the piecemeal offering that is currently underway and replace the current NAPLAN regime with a system that truly measures students’ skills, and allows for true teaching and learning.”

“In the meantime, what strategies will be put in place to support students now this debacle has occurred?

Sydney, NSW, 8 August 2018


 Authorised By:

 President     Susie Boyd


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