No More Special Deals for Non-Government Schools

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No More Special Deals for Non-Government Schools

P&C Federation is alarmed about reports that the new Federal Education Minister, Dan Tehan is considering ceding to demands from the Catholic school sector to give them unfairly high funding.

As the Federal Government transitions to the Gonski 2.0 funding model, there are noises that Mr Tehan is considering extending the transition period for Catholic schools. Some reports suggest doing this could grant the Catholic school sector an extra $1 billion. By contrast, government schools account for over 65% of all school students, yet receive a minority of Federal education funding.

P&C Federation President Susie Boyd commented “If Mr Tehan goes ahead with this, it will be one more case of the Federal Government giving lavish treatment to non-government schools, while giving our government schools the leftovers.”

“From any angle you look at it, it is government schools that are underfunded. As our population grows, most parents will choose government schools for their children, so those are the schools that need the most support in accommodating new enrolments. Government schools also cater for a higher portion of students with disadvantages, whether they be students from low-income families, students with a disability or students from refugee backgrounds. Those students can succeed as well as any students, if they have the right support.”

“If the Federal Government were equitable or even minimally rational, it would give most funding to the schools that need it most. Instead, the Federal Government gives most of its education funding to a minority of schools that are already better resourced.”

Ms Boyd added “Non-government schools get enough special treatment as it is, they don’t need more. We call on Mr Tehan to refuse any special deals for non-government schools, and instead start implementing a funding model that is equitable to under-funded government schools.”

Sydney, NSW, 14 September 2018


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Susie Boyd
President, P&C Federation


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