Collaborate, Innovate, and Advocate: How Joining the P&C Federation Board Can Make a Difference

– Wednesday 5 April 2023

Join the P&C Federation team as they provide invaluable advice and expert insights on the requirements and responsibilities of becoming a Councillor or Delegate on the P&C Federation Board, shedding light on the Board’s vital role in shaping the future of education.

Tim Spencer

former P&C Federation NSW President and Board member, P&C Federation NSW

Tim has been an active participant in P&C Associations for over 14 years, being P&C president at both his children’s primary and high schools during that time. Tim was elected as a P&C Federation councillor for the North West Electorate in 2014 and held a position on the P&C Federation board for 7 years. Tim has been a parent representative on the Board of Studies, NESA Curriculum and School Registration Committees, as well as various Department of Education committees and groups. Tim was elected P&C Federation – Vice President in 2018, becoming P&C Federation – President in late 2019 and retiring from the board in July 2021. Tim is currently employed by P&C Federation as Senior Advisor Policy & Research.