P&C Associations Can Again Meet At School From 12 November

The NSW Department of Education has updated its COVID-19 advice for families, which can be read at this link.  Under the new rules, from Thursday 12 November, P&C Association meetings can again occur on school grounds.

Update from the Department

The Department states that P&C meetings “must occur outside of school hours and are limited to a maximum of 20 people. Physical distancing and hygiene measures must be adhered to at all times. All attendees must sign the visitor acknowledgement form upon arrival. P&C or other community social events or functions, fundraisers, fetes and barbecues are not permitted in Term 4.”

Planning a meeting

If your P&C Association wishes to meet on school grounds, we encourage you to be aware of the below points:

  • When planning a meeting, we suggest sending a notification to all financial members requesting an RSVP to attend. This is to evaluate the number of members wishing to attend and to ensure the meeting does not exceed the allowed number of 20.
  • If more than 20 members wish to attend, we suggest one of the following options:
    1. Hold the meeting virtually instead of at the school. Section 10 of the Prescribed Constitution outlines the rules of meeting virtually. P&C Federation has further information on virtual meetings and voting options at this page.
    2. Hold a hybrid meeting, where some attendees can meet at the school face-to-face and others join virtually.
    3. Find an offsite venue that allows for larger numbers or not hold the meeting until restriction numbers are increased, as it would be unconstitutional to exclude any financial members.

Incorporated and unincorporated P&C Associations

Please note that virtual and hybrid meetings are only possible for incorporated P&C Associations governed by the Prescribed Constitution. If your P&C Association is unincorporated and governed by the Standard Constitution, virtual or hybrid meetings are not possible, and only face-to-face meetings at the school or offsite are possible. If you would like to become an incorporated P&C Association, this page has more information.

Contact P&C Federation office

Please contact P&C Federation if you want anything clarified, on 1300 885 982 or

You may also review the NSW Government’s What you can and can’t do under the rules

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