P&C Federation Annual General Meeting

Saturday 29 August 2020

Submissions closed at 5:00PM, 12 June 2020

Is there something you’d like us to discusse at the 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM)?
Send your submissions now so we can include it in the P&C Federation AGM agenda.

Please note that currently the AGM is planned to go ahead. This may change depending on how the current situation unfolds. P&C Federation will keep you updated as required.

What is a motion?
A motion sets out a policy or an action that:

a) you want to be carried out, or

b) course of action you want the P&C Federation to perform.
Who can submit a motion?
a) Any P&C Association that is a current member of the P&C Federation or

b) Any non-member under sponsorship by a Board Member.
Motion subjects:
Something you want done, by whom and when it should be done.
How to write a motion:
It must follow the format click here; there is an example of how to write a motion.

E.g.: “That P&C Federation write to the Minister for Transport advocating for the provision of additional Kiss and Drop Zones for primary schools in the such ‘n’ such area.”
Consequence of an AGM motion:
If a motion is passed at the P&C Federation AGM it becomes a decision of the P&C Federation. So, subsequent P&C Federation actions must be consistent with the motion.
Submitting your AGM motion:
No further motions will be accepted after Friday 12 June 2020, 5:00 pm.

For more tips take a look at this guide for how to word it up – it’s easy!

Make sure to send us your Motion Submission by Friday 12 June 2020 before 5:00 pm.
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