Rewarding Excellence in Teaching

– Wednesday 16 November 2022

P&C Federation is co-hosting this webinar with the Department of Education to give parents and carers the opportunity to hear about the Rewarding Excellence in Teaching project and how you can be involved in the consultation process.

The Rewarding Excellence in Teaching project aims to recognise excellence in classroom teaching and strengthen the practice of teacher colleagues, as well as making the profession more attractive to those who are considering pursuing teaching as a career.

The purpose of the work is to create a clear classroom teaching career pathway that values professional collaboration and effective teaching practice and allows for further career progression while staying in the classroom.

The Department is currently developing the project through consultation with a wide range of stakeholders and educational partners from now until the end of November 2022.

Webinar Presentation Slides

Yvonne Hilsz

Vice-President, P&C Federation NSW

Yvonne Hilsz is Vice-President P&C Federation NSW, Sydney Councillor and President of Birchgrove Public School P&C Association. Yvonne has been championing children’s well-being and their access to education for many years. Her motivation is to provide support to students so they can thrive in the school environment and with an emphasis on improving their learning outcomes through increased resources, such as equipment, staffing levels or specialist programs.

As a passionate advocate for (and product of) public education, Natalie is deeply committed through her professional and volunteer work to ensuring all children and young people get the best start in life. Based in NSW, this means her effort is focussed on strengthening the foundations of key organisations – and particularly the NSW P&C Federation – as valuable stakeholders, partners and contributors to NSW public schools and the system they operate in.

Emma Truswell

Director, Strategy and Projects at the NSW Department of Education

Emma Truswell is Director, Strategy and Projects at the NSW Department of Education, where she co-leads policy development for the Rewarding Excellence in Teaching project. Before working at the Department of Education, she worked in a range of policy roles in the NSW and Australian Governments, as well as internationally.