Zoom Account Application - Currently Closed

This form is for P&C Associations incorporated with P&C Federation to purchase a license for a Zoom account via P&C Federation as part of a discounted fee arrangement.

In order for your P&C Association to be issued a Zoom license, your P&C Association must meet the below criteria:

  1. The P&C Association must be a current financial member of P&C Federation
  2. The P&C Association must be incorporated with P&C Federation. Please contact our office if you are unsure whether your P&C is incorporated
  3. The P&C Association must use the default affiliate email as the username of the Zoom account. Note: If your P&C Association doesn’t have an active affiliate email setup, please send an email to: affiliatesupport@pandc.org.au for this to be arranged
  4. Allow additional days when making payment to ensure it is received in time.

The Licenses are for the Enterprise plan (it does not include webinar ) to be issued early July 2020 for a 12-month period.

Please note: If the offer is taken up after this date the annual subscription will still be dated from 1st July and the amount cannot be pro-rated and once paid there is no option to cancel to get a refund however when the renewal is due in 2021, approximately 2 months prior a notification will be sent asking if your P&C Association wishes to renew the subscription.

This is the way it has been setup in order to gain the huge discount for members.

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