Zoom Licence Renewal/Cancellation Form-2021

Renewal time is fast approaching for the Zoom licence your P&C Association purchased in 2020, in order for your Zoom licence to  continue after the 30 June 2021 the renewal form below must be completed, submitted and payment received by Monday 7th June 2021  If your P&C Association does not wish to renew the Zoom licence please complete the  form below, tick “Do Not Wish To Renew Zoom Licence” and then submit.

If no correspondence is received by Monday 7th June 2021 on the 30 June 2021 the Zoomlicence will expire and the account will return to a basic plan which is time limited to 40 minutes. The cost to renew your annual P&C Association Zoom licence for 1 July 2021 – 30 June 2022 is $125 Incl GST.

Please use the name in full. Please do not use abbreviations. Thank you.
Please note that only current Office Bearers can apply for a Zoom account.
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