Have you Updated Your Constitution with the ACNC?

The Prescribed Constitution for incorporated P&C Associations was amended last year to allow P&C Associations to meet virtually. This was in response to P&C Associations not being allowed to meet on school sites due to the pandemic.

We note there are some incorporated P&C Associations registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC), who still have the former Prescribed Constitution listed with the ACNC as their governing document.

P&C Associations who are registered charities must update the ACNC when their governing document changes. Administrative penalties may apply for failing to notify the ACNC of this change.

If you have overlooked updating the ACNC with the current Prescribed Constitution, you can do so by logging into the ACNC Charity Portal. The current Prescribed Constitution is available for download at this link on P&C Federation’s website. When you download the Prescribed Constitution from our website, you can insert your school’s name before uploading it to the ACNC.

If you need anything clarified, feel free to contact the P&C Federation office on 1300 885 982 or