Major Strides in Education Funding, Yet Full Funding Goal Remains Elusive

The P&C Federation today commends the NSW Government for the record investment in Education, which sees a historic allocation of $27.9 billion towards improving facilities and resources across New South Wales. This budget marks a substantial commitment to lifting the quality and accessibility of education for all students in the state.

Yvonne Hilsz, President of the P&C Federation, praised the new budget, saying, “We are witnessing a significant era of investment in education, with more than three billion dollars dedicated to new and upgraded schools and over a billion dollars for projects in regional NSW. These investments are crucial for our kids and to support the growing needs of these communities.”

In terms of funding, the budget also highlights a positive development in NSW’s commitment to the Gonski Schooling Resource Standard (SRS). By 2025, the state’s funding contribution will increase from 72% to 75%, including an additional $481.1 million injection, reaching this target two years ahead of schedule. “This advancement, though substantial, leaves us still striving for full funding. The NSW Government’s commitment to lifting its SRS contribution is commendable, but a 5% gap remains to reach the 100% funding mark essential for meeting all needs of our public schools,” Ms Hilsz said.

Despite the progress, the budget does reveal areas left wanting. “While we celebrate the current investments and the progress towards our funding goals, our mission continues to ensure that every student in NSW has access to fully resourced, high-quality education. We are still $1.9 billion short of where we need to be, equating to a $2,000 shortfall per student per year. It’s imperative that we keep pushing for these essential funds to be secured,” Hilsz added.

The P&C Federation remains dedicated to working alongside the government to close the funding gap and advocate for the resources needed to provide every child with the best possible educational start in life.

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