Federation of Parents and Citizens Associations of New South Wales (P&C Federation) believes and supports the rights of all children in New South Wales regardless of whether their location is in a metropolitan, regional, or rural area to attend a public education system that is free, secular, and open to all irrespective of culture, gender, academic ability, and socio-economic class and empowers students to control their own lives and be contributing members of society. Now, more than ever, it is important to ensure all New South Wales children have access to a school system that provides the resources to meet their learning needs in a safe and welcoming learning environment.

P&C Federation advocates for students across New South Wales in public education in various ways, such as councillors sitting on committees, lobbying parliament, lodging enquiry submissions and building strong relationships with stakeholders.

P&C Federation calls upon P&C Associations across the state for their input and to assist in its endeavours to advocate for students by lobbying Members of Parliament, on behalf of your local school and community to ensure the best possible outcomes for all. As P&C Association members, parents, carers, and citizens it is vital we place our children’s education at the forefront, being a voice for continual quality and improvement in public education to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved for our children and our nation’s future.

March 2024

2024-25 Pre-Budget Submission to NSW Treasury

February 2024

Children and young people with disability in New South Wales educational settings

P&C Federation Feedback on the Draft Report of the Future Foundations for Giving Inquiry

P&C Federation Feedback on Final Report of the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability

November 2023

E-cigarette regulation and compliance in New South Wales

August 2023

Feedback to the inquiry into a Better and Fairer Education System

July 2023

Inquiry into the use of generative artificial intelligence in the Australian education system

March 2023

The issue of increasing disruption in Australian school classrooms

October 2022

Interim Report of the Review of National School Reform Agreement

July 2022

Inquiry into Teacher Shortages NSW

June 2022

Review of National School Reform Agreement

March 2022

Inquiry into the privatisation of bus services

February 2022

Planning and delivery of school infrastructure in New South Wales

September 2021

Feedback on Kirpan in Schools Policy

January 2021

Inquiry into the Education Legislation Amendment (Parental Rights) Bill 2020

Inquiry into the Australian Education Legislation Amendment (Prohibiting the Indoctrination of Children) Bill 2020

December 2020

Review of the Education SEPP

October 2020

Review of NSW Department of Education Code of Conduct

Draft Student Behaviour Strategy

August 2020

Inquiry into the New South Wales School Curriculum

July 2020

Identifying key learnings from responding to COVID-19

May 2020

Select Committee into COVID-19 (submission number 279)

March 2020

Education in remote and complex environments (submission number 20)


Australian Education Amendment (Direct Measure of Income) Bill 2020 (submission number 2)

February 2020

Reducing Trauma on Local Roads in NSW

December 2019

Feedback on Interim Report of NSW Curriculum Review

Review of Senior Secondary Pathways

August 2019

Measurement and outcome-based funding in New South Wales schools

June 2019

Review of the Melbourne Declaration