Federation of Parents and Citizens Associations of New South Wales (P&C Federation) has developed the following policy positions.

Education is a universal human right. One of the central responsibilities of Government is therefore to ensure that education is available to all children and youth, irrespective of culture, gender, academic ability, geographic location or socio-economic status. A system that guarantees the availability of free education is the most effective means of securing this. In order for all students to achieve their maximum potential, any quality education system must be intellectually and academically rigorous, and foster creative inquiry. Among the most valuable gifts is the ability to continuously learn, create, inquire and critically assess. Education must instil and develop these skills in students, and give students the requisite foundational knowledge and tools to apply these skills as productive and contributing members of society. The education system must be student-centric, with a view to ensuring that the educational outcomes of each individual student is maximised.

Care must be taken to ensure that no child or young person faces disadvantages in education due to factors beyond their control. Some students vulnerable to disadvantage include (though are not necessarily limited to) those of low socio-economic status, those with a disability or special needs, those in remote geographic locations, those of Indigenous backgrounds and those of non-English speaking backgrounds. It is therefore imperative that the education system include supports tailored for these students, and has sufficient flexibility to support and respond to the needs of other students as they may arise. Funding must be equitable and needs-based, focusing on the needs of individual students.