What is a P&C Association?

Parents and Citizens (P&C) Associations are vital not-for-profit organisations supporting public schools in New South Wales.

They are a group consisting of parents and citizens in a school community, whose purpose is to assist the school and promote the interests of the entire school community.

The Education Act 1990 lays out the objectives of a P&C Association:

  1. to promote the interests of the school by bringing parents, citizens, students and teaching staff into close co-operation, and
  2. to assist in providing facilities and equipment for the school and in promoting the recreation and welfare of the students at the school, and
  3. to encourage parent and community participation in curriculum and other education issues in schools where there is no school council.

What do P&C Associations do?

P&C Associations work in close partnership with their school to achieve the best possible outcomes for students and other stakeholders in the school community. P&C Associations typically consult with the parent community, students, and school staff to identify the main needs of the school, and plan accordingly how best to meet those needs.

Some common things P&C Associations do to support their school may include:

  • Operating the school canteen, school uniform shop, outside school hours care, or school band program.
  • Providing equipment, resources and facilities to the school.
  • Applying for grants or fundraising to cover the costs of a project at the school.
  • Hosting events ranging from fetes, market days, discos, and many more.
  • Running a school building fund for the construction or maintenance of a school building.
  • Supplying a parent representative on merit selection panels for vacant jobs at the school, or sitting on tender panels to select a provider or business to operate on school grounds.

What rules do P&C Associations come under?

Under the Education Act 1990, the NSW Minister for Education must approve the constitution of P&C Associations. The Minister has approved two constitutions:

  1. The Prescribed Constitution, for P&C Associations incorporated under the Parents and Citizens Associations Incorporation Act 1976
  2. The Standard Constitution, for unincorporated P&C Associations.

Both constitutions are available at here. The difference between incorporated and unincorporated P&Cs is explained here.