Launch of Rural and Remote Education Strategy 2021-2024

The NSW Department of Education has launched the Rural and Remote Education Strategy (2021-2024). The full report can be read here.

P&C Federation was involved in the consultation process, and we thank P&C Federation Vice President Natalie Walker for leading our engagement with the Department. We also want to thank our parents and carers who participated in the Rural Remote Education Strategy webinar consultation that P&C Federation hosted for the Department of Education, which helped shape the final strategy.  

The Strategy includes four key areas:

  • investing in and valuing our people – supplying students in rural and remote communities with more high-quality educators who are aware of localised needs
  • quality teaching and learning – better equipping and developing rural and remote teachers to deliver a broader curriculum, contextualised to the needs of the community, to offer engaging learning opportunities for students
  • enabling learners and learning – ensuring staff and students in rural and remote schools are more empowered to address wellbeing needs through stronger connections with their communities
  • building productive partnerships – leveraging more productive partnerships with higher education providers, vocational education providers and local industry to increase rural and remote student achievement, ambition and access to post-school opportunities.