Maintaining your registration status with ACNC

Has your P&C recently had its AGM? Have you had any changes in your P&C? P&C Associations registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission (ACNC) need to be aware of the following:

Keep your P&C Association’s details up to date
P&C Associations need to notify ACNC of any changes to Responsible Persons (Office Bearers), contact information and governing documents (your Constitution). All Office Bearers need to be listed as a Responsible Person.

Submit your Financial Statement or Audit Report
An Annual Information Statement and / or an Audit Report needs to be submitted to ACNC. ACNC’s reporting requirements and reporting periods varies, so make sure you check what applies to your P&C Association.

Is your P&C registered with ACNC?
To check if your P&C Association is registered with ACNC, go to ACNC’s website and search for your P&C by name or by using your ABN.

Please contact our P&C Federation office on 1300 885 982 or by emailing if you have questions or need any assistance.