Return to face-to-face learning

Schools will return to fulltime face-to-face learning from Monday 25 May. To prepare for this, we encourage all families to read the NSW Department of Education’s guidance. It covers information including health and safety, attendance, reporting and assessment.

Click here to download Returning to face-to-face learning guide

For P&C Associations, the guidelines state that “Wherever possible, P&C and parent/carer/teacher meetings should be conducted virtually”. For the vast majority of P&C Associations operating under the Prescribed or Standard Constitutions, virtual meetings are not currently possible, as there is no enabler in those constitutions for virtual meetings. This means that the only constitutionally recognised P&C meetings are face-to-face meetings.

We have drafted amendments to these constitutions that will allow for virtual meetings. These amendments still need the approval of the NSW Minister of Education, which we hope will come soon. In the meantime, see here for our advice on holding P&C Association meetings under current COVID-19 restrictions.