Last Chance to Register: Technology for Parents & Carers Webinar

Thursday 6 August 7:00PM

This session is designed to support parents and carers to engage with their children’s education by introducing them to the technology most commonly used by the NSW Department of Education to support teaching and learning in schools and to facilitate online learning.

The seminar will cover:
• Common platforms in public schools
• Decisions schools make when selecting products
• Where parents can access information (including both departmental resources – in particular, the Learning from home hub – as well as resources supported by Google and Microsoft)
• ‘Deep dives’ into both GSuite for Education and Office365 including exploring how to check for upcoming work and submitting work and
• General questions related to GSuite or Office365.

Participants of this session will be guided through the use of both Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams products that are common software platforms used throughout NSW Department of Education schools.

This webinar is presented in partnership with the NSW Department of Education as part of Education Week 2020 –

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