Update on Holding P&C Association Meetings

We have received several phone calls from P&C Associations about recent announcements and additional safety measure updates on the Department of Education’s website. 

For more information on additional safety measures relevant to P&C Associations, please visit the Department of Education’s ‘A guide to NSW school students for Term 3Relevant headings include: 

  • School activities/school site usage 
  • Activities/site usage that can take place 

At this present time, P&C Associations have three options for holding meetings, these are as follows:  

Option OneVirtual Meeting (via Zoom or other online platforms) 

Section 10 of the Prescribed Constitution lays out the rules and processes of meeting virtually, and P&C Federation has additional information on how manage this type of meeting. This option applies only to incorporated P&C Associations.  

Option Two: Face to face meeting outside the school/offsite  

Subject to following NSW Government guidelines P&C Associations can meet in venues that are not on school grounds. This is the only option for P&C Associations governed by the Standard Constitution.  

Before organising your meeting, please review the NSW Government’s COVID-19 ‘What you can and can’t do under the rules’ page 

Option Three: Hybrid meeting  

A hybrid meeting is a combination of face to face and online where some attendees can attend the meeting face to face and others join virtually. This only applies to Incorporated P&C Associations.  

Before organising your meeting, please review the NSW Government’s COVID-19 ‘What you can and can’t do under the rules’ page 

Useful Links 

P&C Federation has a list of comprehensive information on our website to support you in coordinating your meetings. Visit ‘Meeting Processes’ for more information.  

If your P&C Association is unincorporated and is governed by the Standard Constitution, please contact the P&C Federation office about how best to organise meetings.  

Please do not hesitate to contact the team by email at or phone: at 1300 885 982.