Holding your AGM – A checklist

This time of year, many P&C Associations will be holding their Annual General Meeting (AGM). The reasons for holding an AGM include tabling audit and other reports, holding elections, and renewing membership.

Each P&C Association is required by its Constitution to hold an AGM. The details of your AGM, such as the time and date and appointed Auditor, can be found in your P&C Association’s by-laws.

Preparing for your AGM

The list below includes some important items that need to be prepared when planning your AGM.

  • Audit report prepared by an auditor
  • President’s and Treasurer’s report
  • Be aware of your quorum requirements
  • Notice of the AGM to members
  • Budget report
  • Previous years’ draft minutes
  • Member register
  • Nominations for elections
  • Membership forms
  • A copy of your Constitution and by-laws
  • Bank account signatory forms

Refer to our website for more information on meetings processes or download the AGM checklist.

After your AGM

  • Advise P&C Federation of who the new Office Bearers are by completing the Member Register Update (even if the same Office Bearers were re-elected)
  • Submit your Audit report to P&C Federation and / or ACNC
  • Update your bank account signatories
  • Handover all documentation and information to the new Office Bearers
  • Update your details with ACNC and ABR
  • Email our office to reset passwords to your affiliate email/s and Member Portal

Stay organised!

To support P&C Associations, P&C Federation offer free Office 365 (online version) accounts as well as access to the Member Portal. You can set reminders and reoccurring events on Outlook, save all your documents securely in one spot, have successful and hassle-free handovers, access member-only information and share, communicate and collaborate with your members.

Want to know more?

Visit the Members section on our website for more information on meetings, processes, Constitutions.

You can view our past webinar recordings, on AGMs + Audits or register for one of our upcoming webinars.