P&C Federation 2020 Conference

Exhibitor – Information

  • Table and two chairs provided for each Exhibitor display space. Power requirements must be requested at time of application.
  • Exhibitors will supply their own Presentation or Display Boards, along with all other equipment and materials required for the success of their display space and presentation.
  • Exhibitors will be required to setup and take down their displays as follows;
    • Bump in to be completed no later than 9.15am on Friday 28 February 2020
    • Bump out on Saturday 29 February 2020 must be completed by 4.30pm.

        This will minimise disruption to the Annual Conference proceedings. Your support and understanding with this requirement will be greatly appreciated.

       Please complete your application Form, upload your Public Liability Certificate of Currency

Exhibitor Terms & Conditions

P&C Federation is committed to a free public education system which is inclusive of all, irrespective of culture, gender, academic ability and socio-economic status. Parents as partners in the education process, have a right and a responsibility to play an active role in the education of their children.

    • In organising the 2020 conference, P&C Federation seeks a select number of exhibitors in order for conference attendees to have an opportunity to view and investigate a select range of products and services that supports P&C Association activities. P&C Federation’s aim is to restrict exhibitor opportunities to businesses and organisations who support and recognise Public Education in New South Wales.
    • P&C Federation reserves the right at its sole discretion to determine the location of an exhibitor.
    • P&C Federation shall not be liable for any verbal agreement or condition made by a representative of P&C Federation or its affiliates unless such agreement is in writing from the General Manager-P&C Federation. Agreement is only confirmed when an Exhibitor Application is received, accepted and an invoice issued and all payments and conditions have been met in full prior to the event, only then is the agreement deemed confirmed.
    • Exhibitor agrees to abide by any requirement of P&C Federation, the venue and all other applicable, regulations, codes and standards.
    • All exhibits shall be presented in a professional manner and be maintained within the allocated space only and will ensure all items and packing material is removed at the conclusion of the conference.
    • All active exhibition personnel must remain within the boundaries of assigned exhibit space and may not extend exhibition or information distribution activities into the main conference area or any other area.
    • The exhibitor agrees to comply with all Work Health & Safety regulations and practices of the conference venue and P&C Federation.
    • All exhibitors must provide a copy of Public Liability insurance certificate of currency demonstrating coverage of a minimum of $20 million dollars with their application to exhibit. In the event the Certificate of Currency lodged with their application to exhibit expires prior to the P&C Federation’s 2020 conference the Exhibitor must provide P&C Federation with a valid certificate of currency 14 days prior to conference or 7 days after expiry if this is greater than 14 days prior to conference. Failure to do so will result in your exclusion from the event. At P&C Federation discretion you may be required to name us and or agents as an interested party on your Public Liability insurance.
    • All exhibitors must also produce on arrival for setup at the conference written confirmation that the Public Liability insurance certificate provided is current.
    • No external visitors or corporate delegates to exhibitor stands will be allowed. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    • Any cancellation following full payment confirming of exhibitor space is non-refundable.

NON-LIABILITY. It is understood and agreed by the exhibitor and their agents and staff that neither the P&C Federation, its employees, staff, agents or its contractors shall be liable for loss or damage to the goods or property of exhibitor and their agents. At all times, such goods and properties of the exhibitor and their agent or staff remains the sole responsibility of the exhibitor.