Parents & Citizens Federation 2021 Election of Councillors and Delegates

Election enquiries

The NSW Electoral Commission will be conducting the election and enquiries should be directed to Andrea Jackson telephone (02) 9290 5960, or email


8 February 2021

Enrolment Notice

P&C Federation sends Enrolment Notice to P&C Associations to ensure membership is current and to provide P&C Federation with the name and details of their Voting Delegate.

19 February 2021

Close of Roll of Affiliated P&C Associations

22 February 2021

Calling for Election Notice

New South Wales Electoral Commission to issue an official notice of the election.

10 March 2021

Close Voting Delegate Roll

Voting Delegate Roll closes 12:00 noon.

11 March 2021

Open Nominations

27 April 2021

Close Nominations

Nominations close at 12:00 noon.

6 May 2021

Post Voting Material

15 July 2021

Close of Poll

Poll closes at 12:00 noon.

31 July 2021

Councillor’s Induction

The induction for newly elected Councillors will be held on Saturday 31 July.

28 August 2021

2021 Annual General Meeting

29 August 2021

August Board Meeting

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