CBP2022 successful P&C Association applicants

– Tuesday 13 December 2022

P&C Federation NSW is holding this webinar for P&C Associations who have been successful in their application for a Community Building Partnership Program grant in the 2022 round.  

At this webinar, a representative of the Community Building Partnership Program will explain what the next steps are now that your application for CBP2022 funding has been approved. Come prepared with questions on how to claim your funding, what your obligations are, etc.

Webinar Presentation Slides

Yvonne Hilsz

Vice-President, P&C Federation NSW

Yvonne Hilsz is Vice-President P&C Federation NSW, Sydney Councillor and President of Birchgrove Public School P&C Association. Yvonne has been championing children’s well-being and their access to education for many years. Her motivation is to provide support to students so they can thrive in the school environment and with an emphasis on improving their learning outcomes through increased resources, such as equipment, staffing levels or specialist programs.

Mei Yi Leung

Senior Project Officer – Community Building Partnership, Department of Communities & Justice

Mei has over 18 years of experience working in community services across NGOs, local government and state government.

Mei joined DCJ, formerly known as Families & Communities Services [FACS], in 2015.

Since then, Mei has worked in the Community Building Partnership Grant Program as a Project Officer, Senior Project Officer and Acting Manager. She has also led the establishment of other grant programs for DCJ.