P&C Federation Constitution Reform

P&C Federation NSW is seeking comments on draft revisions to its Constitution

The Federation of Parents and Citizens Associations of New South Wales (P&C Federation NSW) has published draft revisions to its constitution and is seeking comment from interested parties.

Any input received may influence the final wording adopted in P&C Federation’s revised Constitution.

In reviewing and commenting on any of the proposed provisions in the draft revised P&C Federation Constitution, please note that there are some significant constraints on possible reforms that can be made due to the provisions of the Parents and Citizens Associations Incorporation Act 1976 No 50 – NSW Legislation).  For example, the Act specifies the size of P&C Federation’s Board, who is eligible to be a Board member, how the Board is to be elected and a process for electing a limited number of people to attend and vote at P&C Federation’s AGM.

Longer term, our intent is to have the NSW parliament amend the P&C Associations Incorporation Act to enable more significant changes to P&C Federation’s constitution, potentially including changes to, for example, the size of the Board and member P&C attendance and voting at the AGM.  We anticipate seeking comment on such potential changes after we have a clear indication of the scope and timing of changes to the Act.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this further, please email fiorella.recchi@pandc.org.au or contact the office on 1300 885 082.

Submissions closed at 5:00 pm on Monday, 19 September

Reference documents

  • Summary of proposed changes

  • Proposed P&C Federation Constitution - Phase 1

  • Current P&C Federation Constitution
  • Parents and Citizens Associations Incorporation Act

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