Employer Information

P&C Associations often operate industries on school sites.  These services typically provide affordable and quality products such as uniforms or food catering to the school community.

P&C Associations as Employers – P&C associations as employers must meet all of the national legal obligations. It does not matter that the P&C Association is an organisation made up of parent volunteers, as an employer your P&C Association is treated no differently to private businesses.

Paying your employee the correct Award – P&C Associations must make sure that they pay their employee under the correct award. When looking for the suitable award you should look at the “COVERAGE CLAUSE” in the award (typically point 4 in the modern awards), this clause must cover the employer if yes then look at the “CLASSIFICATION CLAUSE” (typically found in schedule B). If both the coverage clause and the classification clause criteria are suitable then this is an appropriate award for your employee.

Australian Modern Awards are established federally and information is provided by the FairWork Ombudsman which your P&C Association will find extremely useful.

Awards commonly used by P&C Associations
Uniform shop employees – MA000004 General Retail Industry Award 2010
Bookkeeper – MA000002 Clerks Private Sector Award 2010
Canteen employees – MA000003 Fast Food Industry Award 2010
Band manager – MA000104 Miscellaneous Award 2010
General Assistants – MA000104 Miscellaneous Award 2010
OOSH employees – MA000120 Child Services Award 2010

Employer obligations – P&C Associations should be sure to issue a copy of the ‘Fair Work Information Sheet’ to each employee as well as providing access to the relevant award. Record keeping and pay slips must adhere to a particular standard which is described by the FairWork Ombudsman. Other materials available on this site that may be useful include checklists and template letters for communicating and consulting with employees.

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