P&C Membership Fee Hardship Fund

Examples of Hardship

We were a newly established P&C Association and have not had an opportunity to become fully functional.

We are an unincorporated P&C Association and we are unable meet due to the current situation to approve payments and make decisions with regards to membership and insurance renewal.

Our P&C Association has not been able to fundraise and we do not have enough funds to pay for our membership and insurance renewal.

Our P&C Association have some funds however these have already been allocated to projects which our P&C Association has committed to. We have not been able to carry out any fundraising that would provide our pool of funds for membership and insurance renewal to.

Our P&C Association has allocated funds to conduct our operations at the school e.g., canteen, but due to the current restrictions operations are limited and we are trying to keep a reserve in place to continue operations once restrictions are lifted.

Our P&C Association is in a regional, rural or remote area and many members have been affected by the mouse plague and are struggling to be able to contribute to the P&C at the moment so our financial situation is dire.

Our P&C Association suffered from bushfire in 2019/2020, flooding in 2020 and then COVID-19 hit. We are not in a good financial position and still working towards re-establishing our activities.

Currently our P&C Association has 8 members, but we only have 1 Office Bearer as we have not yet been able to fill the casual vacancies.