Keep safe and find hope: a role for parents in suicide prevention

Webinar for parents and carers
Thursday, 14 September 2023, 7:00-7:45 pm AEST

Suicide doesn’t have to feel like a scary word. The right skills can help you prepare for conversations if or when they come up with the young people in your life.

In this webinar you’ll hear about what suicide prevention initiatives are underway to support schools & families, led by youth mental health experts batyr Australia, alongside LivingWorks Australia. The webinar is designed for parents and carers of young people in primary and secondary school.

This webinar is a chance to learn about

  • what impacts we’re currently seeing in youth mental health and suicide, but
  • what strategies are available to support parents and those with young people in their lives
  • what are the right skills you can develop to prepare for conversations when they come up

LivingWorks is currently rolling out the largest suicide prevention skills training project of its kind for parents, teachers and entire communities – all free to access thanks to funding from NSW Health.


  • Shayne Connell, LivingWorks Australia CEO, LivingWorks Australia
  • batyr Australia

This webinar will be facilitated by the P&C Federation NSW.


Registrations are now open for this webinar. If you can’t attend, the webinar will be recorded, and all registrants will be notified once the recording is available for viewing.

We encourage you to promote the webinar to other parents and carers, and through your local school communities.

About LivingWorks

LivingWorks is the global leader in suicide prevention skills training, with more than 40 years of evidence base behind their programs. They believe everyone can learn the skills to help their family, friends and colleagues keep safe from suicide. LivingWorks training is proven safe and effective to give people the confidence to reach in and help someone with thoughts of suicide to keep safe, access help and find hope.

About Batyr Australia

Batyr Australia opens up the mental health conversation, shares real stories of overcoming tough times and supports young people and their communities to live mentally healthy and fulfilling lives.

Shayne Connell
CEO, LivingWorks Australia

Shayne Connell is a father of three girls who attend school in the Lake Macquarie area. Shayne is CEO of LivingWorks Australia where he is also a training expert with over 20 years experience in LivingWorks ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training). Shayne also has lived experience thought bereavement, and has been instrumental in the early inception of programs for schools, LGTBIQA and Indigenous communities.

Shayne believes it takes a village to keep someone safe from suicide, which is why he is passionate about educating all Australians in their suicide prevention role and providing them with life-changing skills to support those around them.

Bryony Tucker
CEO, Batyr

Bryony Tucker is the Chief Operating Office at batyr, a preventative youth mental health organisation. batyr’s mission is to create a world where young people can lead mentally healthy and fulfilling lives. batyr is focused on preventing mental health issues, reducing stigma, and providing essential tools and resources to young people. Our approach centres on peer-to-peer programs conducted in schools, universities, workplaces, and communities, all facilitated by trained young individuals. Storytelling is at the heart of what we do.

Bryony’s strong experience in leadership and a commitment to making a positive impact in the non-profit sector is driven by her personal connection to the cause, driven by a family member’s lived experience with mental ill-health. Her leadership focuses on trust, transparency, and collaboration.

Bryony will share insight and experience from batyr’s evidence based programs to educate parents on how to best support their young person. Parents will hopefully walk away with a greater understanding of mental health, how to help their children and how to look after themselves.

Collaborations like the one with LivingWorks is a further commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of youth.

To learn more about batyr’s initiatives, you can visit their website at

Webinar Host

Yvonne Hilsz
President of the P&C Federation Board