P&C Federation 2022 Annual General Meeting

Motion Submission Procedure

Submission of motions is now closed. Please contact the office on 1300 885 982 or by emailing agm@pandc.org.au if you have any questions.

As part of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) process of the Federation of Parents & Citizens Associations of NSW (P&C Federation), member P&C Associations, and under certain conditions, non-members may submit motions for consideration relating to the policy of the P&C Federation.

Non-members include P&C Associations that are not members of the P&C Federation, District Councils and other groups or individuals with an interest in supporting public education.

This document details the types of motions that can be submitted, who can submit a motion, how to present a motion, and where to submit the motion.

Please note that submissions closed at 5:00 pm on Friday, 10 June 2022. Please email us at agm@pandc.org.au if you have any questions.

Submissions relating to the policy of the P&C Federation can be considered at the AGM.  As the peak body for NSW P&C Associations and their school communities, it is expected that motions should focus on policy issues that are of broad interest and relevance throughout the state.

Motions that relate to very specific local issues or matters will not be considered suitable for consideration at the AGM.  These types of matters may be better handled in other ways.   P&C Federation are happy to assist with advice.

Suggested changes to P&C Federation operational matters are not taken as motions. P&C Federation Board cannot allow itself to be unduly constrained in its ability to fulfil its legal responsibilities and serve the interests of its member P&C Associations. However, suggestions and feedback are always welcomed through the P&C Federation office.

P&C Federation is mindful that the submission of motions for consideration at the AGM should be open to all those with interests in supporting public education. As such, motions will be considered:

  • directly from any P&C Association that is a current member of P&C Federation;
  • from any non-member under sponsorship.

Non-members can submit a motion for consideration at the AGM under sponsorship of a P&C Federation Councillor.  To seek sponsorship ask your local P&C Federation Councillor to communicate the motion to the Executive. A Councillor may offer advice on the format or content of the motion to ensure it meets the correct criteria. For contact details of your local P&C Federation Councillor contact the P&C Federation office on 1300 885 982 or email agm@pandc.org.au .

When submitting a motion for the P&C Federation AGM, it should include:

  • the motion itself
  • supporting information which explains and/or provides a case for adopting the motion

A motion sets out a policy or an action that:

  1. you want to be carried out, or
  2. a course of action you want the P&C Federation to perform.

It should generally include what you want done, by whom (usually the P&C Federation) and, in some cases, when it should be done. It should have the following characteristics in order for it to be effective:

  • Must commence with ‘That’
  • Must be quite specific and unambiguous
  • Must not be worded in the first person
  • Must not contain more than one action
  • Must not be frivolous, malicious or discriminatory
  • Must state the problem or issue to be addressed

Example of a motion:

  • Ineffective – “I think we should send a letter to the Minister saying that we need more …..”
  • Effective – “That P&C Federation write to the Minister for …… advocating for the provision of ….. for all NSW primary schools.”

Subject:  Motion for 2021 AGM


  • Name of member P&C Association submitting the motion – the motion, as submitted, should have been agreed at a meeting of the P&C Association (general or otherwise)
  • P&C Association Position of the person submitting the motion
  • State the motion – following the guidelines above
  • Any supporting information that you may consider helpful in the discussion
  • Suggestions you have for actions that would flow from passing the proposed motion – this is not essential, but we welcome your ideas
  • be submitted by completing a Motion Submission Form or emailing it to agm@pandc.org.au,
  • be submitted by 5:00 pm Friday, 10 June 2022 at the latest

The P&C Federation’s Constitution provides that the P&C Federation Executive (as elected from the Board) determines the agenda of the AGM.  This includes the determination of the motions that are put to the AGM.  Depending on what motions are suggested, the Executive may also decide that separate but similar motions received from multiple P&C Associations may be merged.

If a motion submitted for consideration at the AGM is rejected for inclusion in the AGM agenda, the reason for rejection will be communicated back to the submitter.

There may not be enough time to consider all suggested motions at this years’ AGM.  Should this occur, the Board may still decide to adopt motions not put to the AGM.  Passing a motion by resolution of the Board still results in that motion becoming a decision or policy of the P&C Federation, though one that can be changed by subsequent Board resolution rather than by an AGM.