NSW Parents give Federal Budget a ‘D’

Disappointment was at the forefront of parents’ minds tonight as the Federal Budget was handed down. The promised commitment to fully fund public schools was noticeably absent, leaving the kids of NSW behind again.

President of the P&C Federation of NSW, Yvonne Hilsz, expressed her dismay, stating, “Tonight’s budget reveals a stark neglect of our public school kids and their fundamental education needs.

“Our children’s education should be at the top of our national agenda, yet once again, we see a shortfall in the commitment to fully fund schools to the standards set by Gonski a decade ago,” Yvonne Hilsz said
“Tonight marks ten budgets of broken promises.”

“The Federal government makes all the right noises, and says all the right things, but they refuse to put their money where their mouth is and deliver for our kids.

“We are drowning in reports about the failures of our public education system, from slipping educational standards to reducing enrolment numbers, many whose root cause could be resolved through adequate funding.”

“The Federal Government’s decision not to commit to full funding undermines the quality of education but also places undue financial stress on parents and school communities who are already contributing significantly.

“Last year, P&Cs across NSW raised over $40 million to supplement what the government failed to provide.

“Our communities are tirelessly filling gaps, from canteens to classrooms. It’s high time the government steps up to ensure our children receive the education they deserve,” added Hilsz.

The P&C Federation of NSW calls on the Federal Government to reconsider its stance and prioritise education in its fiscal policies. It’s essential not only for the wellbeing of our children but for the future prosperity of our nation.

“Education is an investment, not an expense.”

Media Contact: Liam Bowden | 0432 893 819 | Liam.Bowden@pandc.org.au

The P&C Federation is the peak body representing Parents and Citizens’ Associations across NSW, playing a crucial role in enhancing school life and advocating for proper educational funding. For more information, please visit www.pandc.org.au

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