What Parents Need to Know About Vaping in 2024

Thursday, 22 February, 7pm-8pm AEDT

This P&C webinar will present parents and carers with expert speakers discussing vaping including:

  • Health Harms associated with E-cigarette Use
  • recognising nicotine addiction and tips for quitting
  • practical advice on having conversations with children
  • where to access support and services for parents and young people

You will learn about NSW Health’s latest vaping campaign ‘Every Vape is a hit to your health’ and the Vaping Toolkit.

The panel will include Dr Kerry Chant, NSW Health’s Chief Health Officer, and Dr Bronwyn Milne a medical specialist from the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network, and representatives from NSW Health and NSW Department of Education will be available to respond to parent questions in a Q&A session.

P&C Federation Board Member, Jason Wong will facilitate this webinar.

Co-hosted by: NSW Department of Health

Co-hosted by:

Dr Kerry Chant, AO PSM
Chief Health Officer and Deputy Secretary, Population and Public Health, NSW Ministry of Health

Dr Kerry Chant is a public health physician, Chief Health Officer for New South Wales (NSW) and Deputy Secretary, Population and Public Health, NSW Ministry of Health. Dr Chant has extensive public health experience, having held a range of senior public health positions in NSW since 1991. She has a particular interest in bloodborne virus infections, communicable disease prevention and control, and Indigenous health.

Dr Bronwyn Milne
Head of Department Adolescent Medicine, Sydney Children’s Hospital Network, Staff Specialist Paediatrician and Addiction Medicine Specialist

Dr Bronwyn Milne is a general paediatrician and addiction medicine specialist, who has been working with adolescents for almost two decades. She has been instrumental in setting up the CICADA Drug and Alcohol Service, and is now the Head of the Department of Adolescent Medicine at Sydney Children’s Hospital Network. Bronwyn is passionate about helping young people to improve their general health and wellbeing and fulfil their potential in every sphere of life.

Renee West
PDHPE Curriculum Advisor 7-12, NSW Department of Education

Renee is a PDHPE teacher who has more than 20 years of experience with the Department of Education. Renee identifies and delivers targeted programs and services to support schools in implementing PDHPE curriculum, policies, priorities and programs. As part of this role, she leads, implements and evaluates professional learning programs and resources to support the implementation of NSW PDHPE syllabuses, addressing a range of health, safety and wellbeing issues, including consent and vaping.

Registrations are now open for this webinar. If you can’t attend, the webinar will be recorded, and all registrants will be notified once the recording is available for viewing.

We encourage you to promote the webinar to other parents and carers, and through your local school communities.