P&C Federation NSW & NSW Department of Education Partnership Agreement Consultation with P&C Associations

– Wednesday 30 November 2022

P&C Federation NSW and the NSW Department of Education are developing a long-term Partnership Agreement that will further build on our strong working relationship. By partnering together, we can better support our parents and carers so that students can achieve their potential through public education. An important part of the planning process is consultation with our P&C Association members.

P&C Federation is co-hosting this webinar with the Department to:

  • introduce our P&C Association members to the initial planning for this Partnership Agreement, and
  • let you know how you can provide input into the consultation process

The feedback that we receive from our members will guide and inform the development of the Partnership Agreement.

Hannah Pia Baral

CEO, P&C Federation NSW

Hannah Pia Baral is P&C Federation’s CEO. With a background in health, education, member organisation leadership, not-for-profit management, and digital transformation. She is passionate about the value of volunteering and acknowledges the contribution our dedicated and committed P&C Association volunteers give to their communities. Hannah is proud to be leading P&C Federation as it celebrates its 100 year anniversary and prepares for the future.

Natalie Walker

President, P&C Federation NSW

Natalie Walker is the Far West Councillor & elected President of P&C Federation NSW. She resides in Forbes, Central West NSW, with her husband and two children who attend Forbes High School. Natalie is also an active member of Forbes High School P&C Association, currently in the role of Secretary.

As a passionate advocate for (and product of) public education, Natalie is deeply committed through her professional and volunteer work to ensuring all children and young people get the best start in life. Based in NSW, this means her effort is focussed on strengthening the foundations of key organisations – and particularly P&C Federation NSW – as valuable stakeholders, partners and contributors to NSW public schools and the system they operate in.

Sharon Gudu

Executive Director Student and Parent Experience, NSW Department of Education

Sharon Gudu is the relieving Executive Director, Student and Parent Experience in the NSW Department of Education. In this role she is leading the Department’s commitment to understanding and acting on what matters to learners, parents and carers, so that learners do their best at school and in life.

Sharon is passionate about making a difference to the lives of all children through ensuring that their voice and the voice of their parents and carers are heard,and acted upon. Sharon’s key focus in her current role is to support parent/carer and student engagement and to ensure that students and parents are at the centre of decision making.

Sharon’s usual role in the Department is Executive Director, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Services, Early Childhood Education, with responsibility for regulatory strategy, policy, practice and quality improvement across a sector of over 5,800 services.

Sharon has held a range of Executive roles in the public sector across a broad range of areas including child protection, housing, homelessness and early intervention programs. Her work has always focused on making a difference to people who are vulnerable or disadvantaged.