This election process is now closed.

Parents & Citizens Federation 2021 Supplementary Election of Councillors and Delegates

Federation of Parents and Citizens Associations of New South Wales holds an election of Councillors and Delegates every two years and these elections are administrated by the New South Wales Electoral Commission.

Should any of the positions not be filled, a Supplementary Election is held.

Candidate eligibility requirements are set out in the Constitution of the Federation of Parents and Citizens Associations made under the Parents and Citizens Associations Incorporation Act 1976 No 50.  You may refer to the P&C Federation Constitution for more information.

Roles that are filled via the Supplementary Election process are for the unfilled positions of Councillors and Delegates for each of the sixteen P&C Federation Electoral areas.

The role of Councillor is to undertake the duties and responsibilities in accordance with the Act and the P&C Federation Constitution. This will require the attendance at Board meetings scheduled bi-monthly as well as any additional representation that the member takes on as a member of the Board on behalf of P&C Federation.

The role of Delegate is to attend and participate in the Annual General Meeting of the P&C Federation in accordance with the Act and the P&C Federation Constitution.

Frequently asked questions

P&C Associations must be current financial members of P&C Federation at the time of enrolment and before the close of roll. If you are not sure whether your P&C Association is an active member, please contact our Member Services team on 1300 885 982 or email

The Voting Delegate is normally the President of the P&C Association. It may also be the Secretary or a member selected by the P&C Association should the President be a candidate.

It is important to note that whoever the voting delegate is at the time, will remain as the voting delegate even if they stand down from their role.

Example scenario: If the current President submitted their contact details as the Voting Delegate for an election and then that President stands down from their role, they are still considered to Voting Delegate and would need to complete the ballot paper should voting ocurr.

If your P&C needs to have a meeting in order nominate its Voting Delegate, you may consider holding a special meeting. Special meetings requires 7 days notice.

Clause 14. Election of Councillors and Delegates of the Constitution of the Federation of Parents & Citizens Associations, states in part:

  1. As at the date of their nomination be a Parent Member of an affiliated school based P&C Association within the electorate from which the candidature is sought;
  2. Have a child enrolled in the Government School where the person is a Parent Member at the time of the date of their nomination for election in the calendar year of their candidature but a person’s term of office as a Councillor or Delegate does not end merely because that Councillor or Delegate ceases to be a Parent Member.
  3. nominees for election must present to the Government School Principal relevant to the school to which their being a Member relates, a nomination form signed by the nominee and signed by the Government School Principal verifying that they are a parent of a child enrolled in that Government School at the date of nomination and that the surname of the candidate is on the nomination form as it appears in the school’s enrolment information.
  4. Must not have been convicted of any offence which has a penalty of 12 months imprisonment or more and / or have been convicted of an offence within the meaning of Schedule 2 of the Child Protection (Working with Children) Act 2012.

For more information, please refer to the Constitution of the Federation of Parents & Citizens Associations.

P&C Federation conducts its elections every two years, with the current term being 2021-2023. Councillors and Delegates can stand for re-election as long as they continue to be eligible.

For more information, refer to A Guide for Councillors and Delegate Roles.