Technology for Parents & Careers

– Thursday 6 August 2020 at 7PM

This session is designed to support parents and carers to engage with their children’s education by introducing them to the technology most commonly used by the NSW Department of Education to support teaching and learning in schools and to facilitate online learning.

The seminar will cover:

  • Common platforms in public schools
  • Decisions schools make when selecting products
  • Where parents can access information (including both departmental resources – in particular, the Learning from home hub – as well as resources supported by Google and Microsoft)
  • ‘Deep dives’ into both GSuite for Education and Office365 including exploring how to check for upcoming work and submitting work and
  • General questions related to GSuite or Office365.

Participants of this session will be guided through the use of both Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams products that are common software platforms used throughout NSW Department of Education schools.

This webinar is presented in partnership with the NSW Department of Education as part of Education Week 2020 –

This webinar was held via Zoom on Thursday 6 August 2020 at 7PM.

Martin Dickens

Rural and Distance Education Advisor | Learning and Teaching @NSW Department of Education

Martin Dickens is a member of the Rural and Distance Education team and works with a wide range of primary and secondary schools across NSW. Prior to this role, Martin was substantively a Head Teacher English in Western Riverina and has also worked with students from across NSW as an English/ History teacher at Yanco Agricultural High School. Martin is passionate about working with teachers and students to explore new ways of learning, facilitating support in the design, implementation and evaluation of cross-curricular initiatives that enhance opportunities for students in rural and distance education.

Libby Jones

Rural & Distance Education @NSW Department of Education

Libby Jones is a primary school teacher currently working in the Rural and Distance Education team. Her role is to assist in the development and implementation of initiatives for NSW public schools in delivery of rural, remote and distance education. She has previously worked in the Technology 4 Learning team providing technology leadership to Connected Community schools. Libby is an Apple Distinguished Educator and is passionate about meaningful integration of technology in the classroom to provide creative and engaging opportunities for all students.

Kym Knight

Project Officer | Rural and Distance Education @NSW Department of Education

Kym Knight, a Project Officer with the Rural and Distance Education team, has a varied and diverse teaching and consultancy career in rural and isolated communities in NSW and Western Australia. She began her teaching career as a primary teacher in Broken Hill, has taught Gifted and Talented students in WA and literacy and numeracy to TAFE students. Kym has worked in “equity focussed” state and regional consultancy and leadership roles for the vast majority of her career. Through these roles she has coordinated numerous state based initiatives, provided professional learning and facilitated collaborative planning processes to state and school leaders, teachers and community that enhance student learning outcomes.

Natalie Walker

Far West Councillor and Vice President @P&C Federation

Natalie Walker is the Far West Councillor & Vice President of NSW P&C Federation. Natalie is a strong advocate for regional, rural + remote NSW and advocated strongly for the Rural & Remote Educational Advisory Group to be reinstated and that the Rural and Remote Blueprint Strategy continues to support our public schools and students in regional, rural and remote NSW.