Emu Heights wins P&C Association of the Year

Emu Heights wins P&C Association of the Year

Emu Heights Public School P&C has been named the NSW P&C Association of the Year.

President Owen Sargeant accepted the award on behalf the association at the NSW P&C Federation Annual Conference and Awards Ceremony on Saturday 26 August.

”I’m unbelievably proud,” he said.

“Our members over-achieve, they do everything for everybody else, and I’m so incredibly proud of them.”

NSW P&C Federation President Yvonne Hilsz congratulated Emu Heights on its win.

“The Emu Heights P&C Association, over its 50-year history, has been an integral pillar of the local community,” she said.

“This group of dedicated volunteers has orchestrated events like Mother’s and Father’s Day stalls, and the notable Colour Run fundraiser, which raised $20,000.

“Beyond local initiatives, their compassion has extended to supporting East Murwillumbah Public School during its time of need after floods.

“They’ve also made tangible impacts on the school grounds, from new signage to financial planning for community spaces.

“Their dedication is perhaps most vibrantly showcased in the elaborate 50th-anniversary celebrations held in September 2022.

“This two-day festivity saw a family event that entertained over a thousand attendees with professional music, acrobatic performances, fireworks and a formal sit-down dinner brought together past students and staff, with an auction.

“Designed to be a cost-effective celebration out of respect for the community, the event garnered widespread media attention, even catching the eyes of the Sydney Morning Herald.

“A month later, the school hosted the Sunrise Show.

“Sam Mac’s weather broadcasted live from the school, and their meticulous preparations led Sam Mac to praise it as one of the best school visits he’d ever had.

“With dance performances, and fundraiser for the Royce Simmons Foundation for dementia, it was a huge success.

“It is unsurprising they were aptly nominated as the ‘Community Hero of the Year’, following their blanket drive for Mama Lana’s – a charity which provides over 500 meals a day for people experiencing homelessness.”