Full Funding Matters 

Increasing funding to public schools is one of our top advocacy priorities for 2024. We are strongly committed to championing a commitment from NSW and Federal governments to meet the full School Resourcing Standard (SRS) for our public schools.  

Following the Gonski Report over ten years ago the School Resourcing Standard was established to benchmark the funding level required for 80% of students to achieve minimum reading and arithmetic standards. Currently 98% of public schools do not receive their full funding entitlement under this standard. This impacts thousands of students every year and cannot be allowed to continue.  

Full funding means 

  • New and upgraded facilities and technology 
  • More teachers and smaller class sizes 
  • Intensive support and assistance for children with additional needs 
  • Programs for students falling behind to help them to succeed 
  • Improved student wellbeing with more resources 
  • One on one support for students

You can help!
We have launched a petition on our website, it takes less than a minute to sign and will be a great help as we work to advocate for public schools in NSW. 

Click here to sign the petition 

For more information, you can download our info pack here