Invitation to Comment: Inquiry into artificial intelligence in Australian education

There is a national inquiry into artificial intelligence (AI) technology in the education system, to which the P&C Federation intends to make a submission.

As this is a new and developing subject, we are keen to find out parents’ feelings about this topic. The feedback we receive will help shape our submission.

Although you are free tell us anything you think is relevant, we are especially interested to know your thoughts on the following:

  1. In what ways do you think AI technology will affect education and schools?
  2. What do you see as the main benefits of AI technology in education and schools? What do you see as the biggest risks?
  3. On balance, do you think AI technology will have a positive, negative, neutral or uncertain impact on education?
  4. What would you like to see governments do in regards to AI technology in schools and education?

You are encouraged to forward any feedback to the P&C Federation by 5:00pm Friday 7 July. Feedback may be sent to