Review of Suspension (return to school) and Tutorial Centres – Invitation from Department of Education NSW to participate in survey and focus groups

The NSW Department of Education has commissioned PwC Consulting to conduct a Review of Suspension and Tutorial Centres. The review aims to explore how suspension and tutorial centres are operating in practice, provide insight into their impact and areas for improvement, and suggest recommendations that provide a basis for improving how centres work and are used.

The review will identify and analyse key success factors associated with suspension and tutorial centres to understand what works best and inform future directions (e.g. sustainability, scalability). It will be informed by site visits, online interviews, surveys, focus groups, and analysis of centrally collected data about the impact of centres on behaviour, learning and engagement indicators.

Parents and carers are invited to contribute to the review

To share your thoughts, you can:

  • Complete the survey here – this will take approximately 10 minutes.
  • Register for a focus group here – participation will be online via a Microsoft Teams link.

The PwC team can be contacted on