Updated Department of Education Roadmap for Term 4

From Monday, 8 November, all schools will operate on updated Level 3 settings for the rest of Term 4, with additional activities allowed in a COVID-safe manner:

  • School sports allowed
  • Inter-school sports allowed outside of school hours
  • Assemblies and presentations allowed outdoors on-site
  • Excursions allowed outdoors
  • Dancing and some music classes allowed
  • Fully vaccinated visitors allowed on site to support curriculum delivery, wellbeing programs and school operations
  • Community use allowed (including P&C meetings)

The full roadmap can be read here.

The Department’s official announcement can be read here.

Under these rules, face-to-face P&C Association meetings can again occur on school grounds, but all attendees must have evidence of vaccination and check in using the schools check-in process.

All P&C Association employees and volunteers must continue to check in at the school each day and provide proof of vaccination. Only those with proof of vaccination will be allowed to enter the school and carry out their work.

If you have any questions about P&C Association responsibilities in running events, meetings and verifying the vaccination status of volunteers and employees, please contact P&C Federation on 1300 885 982.