P&C Associations May Now Incorporate Free of Charge

The P&C Federation has decided to allow member P&C Associations to apply to become incorporated without paying a fee.

Previously, P&C Associations wishing to incorporate had to pay an administration fee of $100, but this application process is now permanently free of charge.


The main requirements for incorporating are:

  • that your P&C Association has current membership with the P&C Federation, and;
  • has public liability insurance.

What is incorporation and what are the benefits?

Incorporation makes a P&C Association a legal entity separate from its members. This means that:

  • Debts or liabilities would normally be held against the P&C Association, not its individual members
  • Legal action typically would not be taken against a P&C Association’s individual members (unless they have been personally negligent or broken the law)

The P&C Federation suggests all P&C Associations incorporate, however incorporation is especially important for P&C Associations that:

  • Apply for grants, as grants often require applicants to be an incorporated organisation.
  • Operate a service at the school (such as a school canteen, uniform shop, etc.)
  • Employ paid staff
  • Host large fundraising events
  • Own assets
  • Wish to meet online (such as via Zoom), as the constitution for unincorporated P&C Associations does not allow for remote meetings.

How do we become incorporated?

  1. Move a motion to become incorporated at a properly convened general or special meeting. Decision is made by a simple majority vote of members.
  2. Sign the application letters and send them to P&C Federation, either by post or as scanned email attachments.

Click here to download the application letters.

Once P&C Federation receives the application letters, we will handle the rest. We will notify your P&C Association when it is approved by the NSW Minister of Education, and provide you a Certificate of Incorporation.

Click here to read more about the benefits and process of incorporation. If you have any questions about incorporation, contact P&C Federation:

Monday to Friday
9 am – 4 pm AEDT
Email: mail@pandc.org.au

Phone: 1300 885 982