Support for families in flood-affected areas

The NSW Department of Education has provided the following advice on support for families in flood-affected areas.

Mosquito-borne disease prevention

NSW Health have shared the following important message about protecting yourself and loved ones against mosquito-borne diseases over the summer holidays. With lots of flooding around the state, we’re expecting to see more mozzies this year. Some mozzies in NSW carry viruses like Japanese Encephalitis and Ross River virus, so if you’re out and about these school holidays, remember to take the steps to protect against mosquito-bites by applying repellent and covering up in long, loose clothing when outdoors.

If you’re travelling or doing outdoor activities, plan ahead to take the right supplies – repellent, clothes, mozzies coils for outdoor dining, and if you’re camping, mosquito nets.

Learn more about how you can protect your family against mosquito bites at

You can also learn more about protecting yourself from mosquito-borne diseases through NSW Health’s social media posts:

For more information on JE and mosquitoes refer to NSW Health’s mosquito-borne diseases page. We also recommend downloading this brochure from NSW Health on keeping mozzies away (PDF 398KB) which contains further information on how to protect against mosquito bites and mosquito-borne diseases this summer.

Mental health and wellbeing support

As we know children respond well to structured environments. Returning to routines where possible helps to maintain consistency and predictability and will support their wellbeing during these challenging times.

Students can access support for their mental health and wellbeing through their school’s counselling services.

Students and their families can also seek mental health and wellbeing support through NSW Health. There are a number of agencies including local health districts ready to help.

Please also refer to the following resources as needed.

Resources for parents

• Helping children who have been affected by floods – an information sheet for parents and carers.
• Supporting a young person after a natural disaster – a website with information for family and friends supporting young people affected by a natural disaster.

Resources for students

• How to cope with the stress of natural disasters – This information is for older students affected by a natural disaster.

Food relief and other supports available  

Food relief

Food boxes are available at every Evacuation Centre with stock being replenished as quickly as possible. Customers who are currently isolated by flooding can contact SES on 132 500 to request emergency supplies. Visit SES for flood warnings and locations of evacuation centres. Anyone is able to seek support at NSW evacuation centres.

A number of organisations are offering support with food for impacted customers. Search to find food relief charities operating in various locations through:

Flood recovery assistance points

NSW Government agencies, Commonwealth agencies, local councils, community organisations and welfare bodies are available under one roof to assist anyone navigate through the services and support available to them as they go through the recovery process.

For the most up-to-date list of flood recovery assistance points, visit:

Concerns with mould 

The recent weather conditions have resulted in an increased risk of mould growing in indoor wet or damp areas. Please refer to NSW Health’s mould factsheet for information on:

  • Possible health risks
  • Preventing mould from growing
  • Removing mould safely.

Donations to flood-affected communities

As with the February/March flooding events earlier this year, many school communities and organisations around the state have expressed their interest in providing donations to schools. Please note that unwanted donations often end up warehoused or in landfill, making clean-up operations more difficult and costly for communities.

Established organisations, like GIVIT, are working with schools and local communities to manage offers of donated items, services and funds for people impacted by floods across parts of NSW.

If you or anyone in the community wishes to donate, please visit GIVIT.

In addition to GIVIT, the NSW Government also recommends those who wish to make a financial donation do this through one of the agencies listed on their website. For a full list of organisations that your community can donate to, visit NSW Government’s How people can donate or support the flood disaster page.

Enrolment for flood-impacted communities

The department’s enrolment policy and procedures support a range of situations where documentation is unable to be provided at enrolment. In some cases this may be due to damage to documents caused by natural disasters, such as the recent and ongoing floods and severe weather.

If you need help with enrolling your child, please contact the school in the first instance or go to the department’s Enrolment page. If you need help finding your local school(s) refer to SchoolFinder.