Updated COVID Rules for Schools

The NSW Department of Education has updated its COVID rules for school sites.

From Monday 28 February:

  • schools will align with community settings of ‘symptomatic testing’ and the department will provide 8 tests per student and staff in schools and 20 tests per in SSPs or support classes. Students and staff can use their allocation of RATs at their discretion such as if they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.
  • schools can invite visitors – including parents, carers and families – to their sites regardless of their vaccination status.
  • volunteers or staff operating uniform shops and canteens must still meet mandatory double vaccination requirements.
  • schools will no longer need to keep students in their class or year group cohorts.
  • masks will no longer be mandatory for staff and students in high schools.

From Monday 7 March:

  • masks will no longer be mandatory for staff in primary schools

The full advice from the Department can be read on the Department’s website:  Advice for families.