P&C Day | Wednesday, 1 March 2023

P&C Day is your day to celebrate the incredible work that your P&C Association has achieved, and to tell everyone about your school community volunteers that generously give their time and skills.

Why not organise a morning tea, an award ceremony, trivia night or BBQ on Wednesday, 1 March 2023 and take the time to thank and acknowledge volunteers in your school community?

Share your stories on your social media, as well as the Online Community and get in touch with your local media or paper to cover the event and your achievements. When sharing your stories, use the hashtags #pandcday2023 and #everydayheroes to be part of the state-wide celebration across all P&C Associations.

We’ve created a media pack to help you get the message out. Tailor your message and shout out about your community of helpful heroes.

How will your school celebrate P&C Day? 🥳